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Perfect wheel alignment for a safe ride

Is your daily commute smooth and safe?

Or is your vehicle swaying, bobbing and weaving left or right? You may be in immediate need of a computerized alignment. Misaligned tires on your vehicle cause uneven braking, premature wear, and could even cause you to collide with another vehicle!

You need an alignment if your car:

•  Veers to the left or right on its own

•  Pulls left or right when braking

•  Has shaky or vibrating steering

•  Shows premature tire wear

•  Shows uneven tire wear

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Stop throwing money away on tires every year! Even your economy tread should last over 20,000 miles – if you find yourself in the shop every 6 months buying new tires and brake pads, it’s time for a proper alignment.

"Bob is a great guy! He made sure of the issues I was having with my 4runner and fixed them while saving me a ton of money."

- Darren via

Enjoy better results, long-lasting tread, and safe travels with the industry’s latest computerized diagnostic alignment table system, right here at Folsom OK Tire Stores Inc., Folsom, CA. We invest in top-of-the-line, latest technology, tools, and equipment for our shop because your safety is of utmost importance to us.

Make your tires safe and longer-lasting: