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Keep your driveline in check

Your driveline controls all transfers of power in your vehicle - it's your "Go" button! If you need driveline-related services, call Bob and Jenny at Folsom OK Tire Stores Inc., Folsom, CA. We'd love to meet you and service your auto affordably today!

Efficient driveline services:

•  Transmission service

•  Clutch replacement

•  Transfer case service for 4x4

•  Differentials serviced or rebuilt

•  Drive shaft service

•  CV joints and axles

•  Wheel bearings

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Trusted driveline repairs

Stop by OK Tire for driveline service you can trust. We've been part of the local Folsom community for 33 years, and we love every customer that comes through outdoors!

"They do good quality work at a fair price. And most importantly, they are honest and not looking for ways to get more money out of you."

- Caroline F. via

Owner Bob is a championship race car driver with plenty of knowledge about drivelines and keeping your powertrain serviced appropriately. Call today for your appointment.

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