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AC service

Car AC maintenance to keep rides cool

Can your AC beat the heat this summer?

Is cold air feeling a little lukewarm? If you’re at “Max AC” on your dial and still sweating this summer, stop by Folsom OK Tire Stores Inc., Folsom, CA today! We too love to see you drive away happy, so you’ll always enjoy affordable, honest prices and quick AC repairs here.

Keeping your drive cool for less:

•  AC pressure tests

•  AC leak repairs

•  Freon recharges

•  AC line replacements

•  Cabin filter replacement

•  Compressor clutch repair

•  Compressor service or replacement

Schedule your AC service today


With affordable, honest pricing you’ll save in the long run by having a trained technician diagnose and service your AC.

"I have been going to Bob for over 15 years and he is the man!  He has helped me with my cars and been very honest about the work he does."

- Claudia F. via

Why bother spending so much on those store-bought recharge kits when you can ensure you’re getting your money’s worth at OK Tire? Our AC recharges are thorough and professionally serviced.

Beat the summer heat today: